Chelonia Limited

  Cetacean Monitoring Systems


Servicing and repairs

Before returning any PODs, please remove any mooring lines and ensure that all goods are completely clean.

Repairs, standardisation and recalibration

C-PODs are guaranteed for 2 years against faults due to manufacturing parts failure, providing the damage has not arisen from ingress of water, misuse, violent impacts or prolonged vibration.

C-POD sensitivity is calibrated and standardised very accurately in our acoustic tank during manufacture. Usage data since 2008 have shown that changes in the sensitivity of C-PODs over time is usually very small. However, when PODs are returned to us, we check the POD sensitivity and re-standardise the POD if necessary and provide a calibration certificate.

We suggest using the following guidelines for deciding whether to send back PODs for recalibration:

  1. If the POD is over 4 years old or has not been repaired or calibrated by us for 4 years.
  2. If the POD has received heavy or continuous knocks or physical damage.
  3. If you notice a sudden change in data compared to other PODs.
  4. If a project requires calibration certification.

The standard charge for checking operation, fault diagnosis, minor repairs, testing, calibration check, recalibration if necessary, new SD cards if necessary and return postage/packing is GBP160.

Please note that customers returning goods are responsible for paying any import duty charged by UK customs (this can be minimised or zero if the return is appropriately documented see Returns).

If major repairs are required, we will provide a quotation.

To arrange return of your PODs or for further advice, please contact us.


  • Please remove any contaminated mooring lines and ensure that any returned goods are completely clean.
  • To ensure safe receipt, please contact us by telephone or email before returning goods.
  • Declare the estimated market value of a non-functioning POD as zero, with the description "Evidence", otherwise import duty may be levied on the value you declare and Chelonia Limited do not undertake to pay this on your behalf.
  • Please do not return any batteries (we regret we cannot return them to you).
  • Use the original packaging if possible.
  • Please do not use polystyrene chips for packing.