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Training Workshop 2017

The table below lists PowerPoint slide shows and example data files from the C-POD training workshop held in Cornwall, UK, in May 2017.

Slide Show


SAM projects

Describes different types of static acoustic monitoring projects

Sounds in the sea

Key issues associated with recording sounds in the sea

Clicks and recording

Recording cetacean clicks

Viewing and Reading POD data

Installing and using the cpod.exe software and viewing your data

Choice of Filters

Using filter options in the cpod.exe software.

Validating detections

Assessing feasibility and using encounter classifiers

SAM and Noise

Understanding undersea noise

Project Data Flow

Good practice for managing your projects

Using Microsoft Access queries

Exporting data into Microsoft Access, running queries and creating charts

Mooring PODs

Mooring problems and solutions

Comparing instruments

A comparison of C-POD performance with other instruments


A comparison of features

Detection Positive Minutes or Days

Choosing appropriate time unit resolution for cetacean detections

Species feature summary

A summary of current species detection capabilities

Diel and other patterns

Using the cpod.exe software to look for temporal patterns in your data

WUTS (Weak Unknown Train Sources)

Discussion of this POD discovery

Walk through a CPOD file

An exercise using real data from Ilha Grande, Brazil.

Ilha_Grande 2016 10 23 CPOD1372 file01

CP1 data file from Ilha Grande, for use with the exercise "Walk through a CPOD file". These data files from Brazil have been made available by Renan Paitach.  They are exclusively for training purposes. All rights are reserved. Any use, disclosure and reproduction of data by third parties is strictly prohibited.

Ilha_Grande 2016 10 23 CPOD1372 file01

CP3 data file from Ilha Grande, for use with the exercise "Walk through a CPOD file".