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T-POD Downloads

T-PODs ceased production in 2008 and have been superceded by C-PODs.

The following downloads support the final version of the T-POD, version 5. If you need support or help for an older version, please contact us.

All the downloads are free.

TPOD.EXE (V8.24)

1.3 MB

This is the T-POD software, required in order to operate T-PODs and to download, view and analyse the data from them.


3.6 MB

Original help file.

TPOD setup files

1.3 KB

Allow you to set up your T-PODs using default setting for dolphins and porpoises.

User Guide

1.3 MB

Describes how to set up, deploy and retrieve data from your T-POD.

Reference Guide

718 KB

Contains more advanced information about using TPOD.exe, handling files, exporting and analysing your data.


600 KB

Three tutorials to help with analysing data.

Sample Data

1.1 MB

Sample click train data file of porpoises feeding (thanks to Paul Fisher, Shetland, UK) that can be viewed using TPOD.exe.

Parallel port driver

68 KB

Software to install for communicating with T-PODs using the parallel port on your PC.

USB port driver

800 KB

Software to install for communicating with T-PODs using a USB port on your PC.