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C-POD and DeepC-POD


The C-POD and DeepC-POD use digital waveform characterisation to select cetacean clicks and log the time, centre frequency, sound pressure level, duration and bandwidth of each click. The DeepC-POD has a 10 mm aluminium housing designed for deployments to at least 2 km.

Over 2000 C-PODs, monitoring cetacean echo-location, have been deployed.

These instruments:

  • detect all toothed cetaceans except sperm whales
  • store compressed data on each detected click
  • give high sensitivity with very low false positive rates
  • monitor 20-160kHz continuously
  • run for 4+ months on 10 alkaline D-cells
  • store data on a single SD card to allow rapid servicing at sea

C-POD specification - for more information.

Publications - for published papers from C-PODs and earlier T-POD data.

C-POD downloads - to download the C-POD data analysis software and manuals.

Ordering - to enquire about or order C-PODs.

C-POD standardisation - to learn how PODs are standardised and calibrated.

C-POD data analysis software - CPOD.exe

Custom software used for analysing C-POD data.

To achieve low error rates combined with high sensitivity, CPOD.exe recognizes the trains of echo-location clicks made by cetaceans to detect their prey, orientate and interact.


  • includes the KERNO classifier, which automatically detects and classifies cetacean click trains in C-POD data.
  • displays POD data at time scales ranging from 0.01 seconds to 3 years per 1000 screen pixels (zoom ratio = 3 billion).
  • allows you to view synchronised data files from 3 different PODs.
  • allows you to export usable statistics in a wide range of formats and time units.
  • provides useful tools for rapidly handling data from large projects.

C-POD downloads - to download the software.


We offer a range of consultancy services to help you plan and implement your project and analyse your data.

Banana Pinger

The most cost-effective fishery pinger for the reduction of cetacean by-catch, designed and tested in association with Fishtek Consulting:

  • Low cost
  • Cost to fishers over 5 years < 15% of cost of current pingers
  • Replaceable alkaline C-cell runs for 1 year at 50% soak time
  • High Output
  • Durable Rubber Carrier
  • Easy to fit
  • Easy battery change without removing carrier from net
  • LED Battery Check
  • Automatic Activation
  • 200 metre spacing
  • Patented Technology

Fishtek Consulting website for more information.