Chelonia Limited

  Cetacean Monitoring Systems



Cetacean Studies

European Cetacean Society

The Society for Marine Mammalogy

Convention on Migratory Species - Small Cetaceans

Cetacean Strandings in SW England

Cornwall Wildlife Trust Marine Strandings Network

Chelonia Ltd

Sponsors of development of passive acoustic monitoring using PODs

The European Commission DGXIV

Development of the proto-POD for fishery interactions.

The Wildlife Trusts, UK

Development of the alerting device for gill net bycatch mitigation.

Countryside Council for Wales

Development of dolphin monitoring for SAC continuous monitoring.

Environment Agency, UK

Feasibility study of porpoises recovery evaluation by estuarine monitoring on the Tamar estuary, Cornwall and Devon, UK.

Department of Trade and Industry, UK

Development of adaptive analogue processor and towing technologies.