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This driver allows you to communicate with your T-POD using the parallel port on your PC.

To install the driver:

  1. Create a directory POD on the C drive root - not within 'My Documents'. (TPOD.exe must be in a directory with no spaces anywhere in the full 'path name' that shows the whole hierarchy of directories from C: to TPOD.exe itself, so it cannot be in 'My Documents')
  2. Click here to download the driver software (Version 2.2 <>, 68 KB) to the POD directory on C.
  3. Unzip this to the POD directory.
  4. Copy the PORTTALK.SYS to your Windows/system32/drivers directory
  5. Click/Double-click on the PORTTALK.REG file. This loads the required registry keys.
  6. Reboot the computer.
  7. If you created the directory C:\POD use Notepad to create a file containing only the single line
    C:\POD\allowio tpod.exe /a   
  8. Save this file with the name TPOD.bat to the Desktop. Take care to select 'All Files' in the save process so that you can enter 'TPOD.bat' as it may otherwise be saved as 'TPOD.txt' which will not work.
  9. When you click on the Icon for this file TPOD.exe is run and can access the printer port.

While run in this way you may be unable to use your CD ROM. When you quit TPOD.exe normal service is resumed.